michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


The Great Escape Retreats

­­The Great Escape Retreats

The Great Escape Retreats were designed in response to the corona virus and the need to isolate ourselves as much as possible by staying at home. Staying at home often requires us to do things that would be easier if we had additional and separate physical and/or psychological space. Some of these things that may require additional and separate space might be a place to work, write, make art, meditate, exercise, read, or just relax.

In order for these spaces to function at a higher level beyond just facilitating physical requirements, it has been my intent to create functional art structures in and around which these various activities can take place. I wanted to create inspiring places that would offer their users a truly unique and beautiful retreat experience.

The basic prefabricated, modular retreat is primarily made of eco-friendly painted wood. The basic footprint of the structure is a square that can be various sizes. The smallest size square is eight feet by eight feet with four sliding glass doors mounted around the perimeter. On the outside of each of the sliding glass doors there is a roll-up type security shutter that is used to secure the interior of the retreat, as well as control the level of sunlight entering the structure. There is a large skylight built into the center of the roof, and a spherical shaped electric light hung down from it to illuminate the retreat at night. The structure can be powered directly from existing buildings near the retreat, and/or from solar panels mounted adjacent to it.

In addition to increasing the size of the structures with a larger basic unit, the size can also be increased by connecting the retreats together into many different kinds of configurations.

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Status: Unbuilt