michael jantzen

michael jantzen

Santa Fe, NM, US


Reformed Photos


(A Series Of Photo Collages That Celebrate The Beauty Of Complexity)

Michael Jantzen
© 2012

Reformed is a series of photo collages that celebrate the beauty of complexity. I design and build models of various sculpture and architecture proposals and then photograph these with a digital camera. The original photos are downloaded into my computer where I deconstruct and reconstruct them into new images. Usually the original image is first reformed into a symmetrical configuration. Often it is then manipulated further in various ways until the new image is totally different, while still retaining an identifiable relationship with the original design. The fact that I start this process with my own unique sculpture and architecture designs, make the outcome completely original. My goal as an artist is to create images of objects that have never been seen before. Most of the objects are very visually complex, which I find exciting and thought provoking. As a viewer of my own work, I often find myself fantasizing about how these new structures would possibly be used, if they were once again to become functional objects.

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Status: Built
Location: St. Louis