piotr mazurek

piotr mazurek

Warszawa, PL



.... what they’ve written about me .............

In his projects, he willingly uses shades of gray. Gray is his favourite colour because of the great arrangement possibilities and inspiring relations it can make with other colours. Passionate about eclectic combinations of minimalism with baroque forms. Knowingly violates conventions to create interior spaces saturated with non-accidentality and the charm of mutual, unusual stylistic combinations........

- Since 2003, my projects have been published in the interior design press :
''Czas na wnętrze'' (Time for an interior), “Villa”, ''Salon i sypialnia'' (Livingroom and bedroom), ''Łazienka'' (Bathroom), ''Świat łazienek i kuchni'' (The World of Bathroom and Kitchen), ''100 procent wnętrz'' (100 Percent of Interiors).
- In 2007, three of my projects were presented in the album ''Najpiękniejsze polskie apartamenty'' (The Most Beautiful Polish Apartments).
- My projects could also be seen on the screen, in films and TV series such as:
''Świadek koronny'' (The Crown Witness), “Magda M” (Madeleine M), “Lejdis” (Ladies), ''Oficerowie' (The Officers) , ''39 i pół'' (39 and a half), ''X-Factor'' and ''Przepis na życie'' (Recipe for life).
Mike Tyson commercial ''Black''

- I am a laureate of the contest "Wykreuj Warszawę" (Create Warsaw), prepared by “Gazeta Wyborcza" daily newspaper jointly with the City of Warsaw Office /a fountain design/.


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