Matt Alves

Matt Alves

Toronto, ON, CA



Architecture has never been tied so closely to its modes of representation and construction then it has in the past, which is a consequence of new digital media and emerging technologies that are rapidly expanding what we know to be formally, spatially and materially possible.

Todays designs use digital fabrication and material techniques to calibrate the virtual model and physical artifact, narrowing the gap between representation and making. The purpose of this thesis is to explore a work in progress of experimentation with fabrication techniques on a small scale, and the potential for design to move more fluidly between designing and making. More specifically crafting effects that result from this process of form finding, material consideration and fabrication.

How does one negotiate issues of performance directly into an assembled geometry? with the use of digital craft I will attempt to afford a conclusion with this question through structure, light modulation, and construction principles.

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Status: School Project
Location: Toronto, ON, CA
My Role: Thesis