mary catherine miller

mary catherine miller

Cambridge, MA, US


In-Between Architecture

the ghostly abandonment of detroit extends west from the city center a mile and a half to the site of the central railway station. isolated, yet monumental, the station acts as a sentry to the city cultivating within it the story of detroit. this massive structure, built to withstand the vibrations of hundreds of trains moving through its foundations daily remains stable, but is no longer needed for its intended purpose. in a paralyzed city, the vibrancy of the past wishes to rise again from the ashes, but not in a derivative way.
instead the station is evocative of the present and engages the onset of an urban prairie. within the spaces of the old office tower artists and community groups are given galleries. maintained in its ruin, the station relies on the people of corktown and the larger detroit area to transform and reexperience
the station through installation based art. located on the east and west ends of the tower are two service cores replacing the previous towers which have fallen to the
point of disrepair.
bookends to the forsaken, the cores span the old and the new, movement and stasis, the permanent and the ephemeral: serving as an exploration of the in-between.

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Status: School Project
Location: Detroit, MI, US