Maricarmen Martinez

Maricarmen Martinez

Manhattan Beach, CA, US


Technical School

While studying the current master plan of Escobedo my team and I came up with a plan to help the overall quality of life in the town. Escobedo is an extremely disadvantaged municipality that lacks the community centers most neighborhoods have. The master plan designed includes sports center, cultural center, investigation center, technical high school, train station and multi-family housing buildings.

My specific project focused on the high school, which I designed after researching the lifestyle of Escobedo's citizens. I found that most children in Escobedo do not study after high school leaving them with very few practical skills. A technical high school provides these children with useable skills, even if they do not elect to continue their education.

The high school design had to purpose to provide the students a place to learn and a place to be. The administration building and the caffeteria are the first things to be seen, since this are the most public spaces. Then a central patio that links the public are with the private area, which are the classrooms, labs, and library.

Land Area: 9,315m2

Construction Area: 4,345m2

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Status: School Project
Location: Monterrey, MX
My Role: Designer/Drafter/Revit Modelling/Photoshop