Wojciech Maciejewski

Wojciech Maciejewski

Poznan, PL


Ursus Game

'Just play. Have fun. Enjoy the game.'
(Michael Jordan)

Project Culburb activates the public realm in the suburbs of Central European capital cities through acupuncture interventions. Using minimal means these actions set up interaction between inhabitants and have an impact on the community life.
Today Central European cities are again becoming a political arena of citizens, initiatives, NGOs, and other forms of activism, but we are witnessing a lack of such activities in suburbia. At the same time we can see the extreme growth of suburbs around all cities, meaning a huge number of European inhabitants are placed out of the dense city but still have access to all it’s advantages.
To fulfill all these needs and competition guidelines we proposed a board game which will develop interactions beetween inhabitants and their enviroment.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Warsaw, PL
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