Wojciech Maciejewski

Wojciech Maciejewski

Poznan, PL


Libratone Live

'Don’t look at me in that tone of voice.'
(Dorothy Parker)

The competition brief called for a design for the lid of the speaker. When I looked at the speaker for the first time my impression was: nice electric kettle - but it wasn't the best idea to share it with jury...
But it is simple, less is more design. In this case the cover should leaved as it is, plane metallic. But there is something more to music. Where are all the vivid emotions, fun and colour which we are felling when we are listening to the music? My proposal incorporates the equalizer at top of the speaker. When it is switched off it don’t spoil the monumental view of the speaker thanks to satin chrome finish. And when it is working we can feel the magic of the good old EQualizer!

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Status: Competition Entry
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