Wojciech Maciejewski

Wojciech Maciejewski

Poznan, PL



'Once you have tested flight, you will forever walk the earth with you’re eyes turned skyward.'
(Leonardo da Vinci)

The bird skeleton is highly adapted to flight. It is extremely lightweight but strong enough to withstand the stresses of taking off, flying and landing. The most lightweight and reduntant type of bone tissue is one which builds bird’s skull. They are light, and impact-resistant. I believe this properties can be applied in architecture and engineering so I tried to recreate this type of structure. For this project I used artificial resins and hot glue, which have viscous behaviour before hardening. What is more resin tensile and compressive strain are very similar to bones’ properties.
The final model proved to be higly resistant to load. This is a very promising fact. What is more, the result was visually attractive, particulary hen using additional external LED illumination.

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Status: Built
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