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New Name. New Partners. New Website

By jeffry_136
Jun 2, '15 3:25 PM EST

In 1985 Machado and Silvetti Associates was founded on the ideas and projects of Rodolfo Machado and Jorge Silvetti. After three decades of steady, successful practice, our portfolio reflects the diverse scope, scale and breadth of the firm's experience. Securing and building on this legacy the new name and structure represent an evolution of the practice while reflecting the persistent quality and enduring spirit of our work.

And so we are very pleased to announce that four new partners have joined Rodolfo and Jorge at MACHADO SILVETTI. They are:Jeffry Burchard, Stephanie Randazzo DwyerNed Goodell and Craig Mutter.

To learn more about the office, the partners and our extensive portfolio please visit our new web-site at Be sure to check out Perspectives where we provide short stories about the research, experiences, interests and ideas that inform our work and motivate our actions.