Luca Possamai

Luca Possamai

Milan, IT


Villa Chelombiev

Maximize the potential of a triangular 75 sqm land property, having a 14 m drop on one of its three sides
Guaranty the absolute integration of the architecture within its environmental context observing the strict legal boundaries existing on the panorama

A  4 person house having a very essential design
Make the outdoor life as much enjoyable as the indoor one, exploiting the mild climate of the region
Realize an eco-sustainable building able to radically minimize the consumption of resources

An authentic “house within the hill” which, thanks to a structure completely incorporated in the land and a green roof set as the extension of the natural steep slope, represents an example of absolute integration of the architecture, that does not represent anymore a breaking point with the environment but rather a part of it.
The combination of a rainwater gathering system, solar panels for the heating and a thermal probe for the hot water ensures the appropriate use of renewable energies, in line with the green philosophy of the Eleven Studio and the customer himself, a Russian entrepreneur and his family.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Bordighera, IT
My Role: Project manager