Luca Possamai

Luca Possamai

Milan, IT


Stardust boutique

The main goals of the interior designers were, from one side, designing a sophisticated and modern design boutique without clashing with the luxury Hotel de Paris of Monaco, realized by Garnier in the second half of the XIX century and, on the other side, giving rise to a frame able to emphasize the committee’s collection.
The design chosen is thus based on a concept of “scenographic luxury”. A daring vision of the contrasts where the simplicity of dark tones of grey, linear forms, little illumination and modern materials, such as glass, Plexiglas and mirrors, gives importance to the pieces of high jewelry exhibited.
The translucid stickers set on the boutique windows, to be seasonality replaced according to the collection exposed, permit to capture the attention of the passerby on the jewels.
By taking away  some light, the innate brightness of the creations is highlighted, while the mirrors that faced the walls create an optical illusion of extension of the room, as a compensation for its very small dimensions.

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Status: Built
Location: Monaco-Ville, MC
My Role: Project manager