Lauren Schneider

Lauren Schneider

Hudson, NY



  • 8,000 Acre National Nature Reserve
  • Largest shingle beach in Europe
  • 600 plant species (1/3 of all found in the UK)
  • Royal Society of Bird Protection (RSPB) Sanctuary
  • Two nuclear power stations

Project components: A boardwalk connects the existing RSPB visitors center to the sea, allowing appropriate access across the fragile shingle beach, but still inviting enough disturbance needed for plant growth. Three sound shelters offer a place to rest, while amplifying and resonating the three adjacent driving forces of Dungeness: fauna, electricity and waves. A chalk jetty extends from the end of the boardwalk into the sea, reducing wave energy and protecting the coast from erosion. The jetty provides an alternative to the current beach feeding management scheme that continues to scar the fragile landscape. It is designed to be maintained for 100 years, until the power stations are fully decommissioned, at which time they will be left to decompose and rejoin the shingle, which is comprised of 98% chalk.

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Status: School Project
Location: Kent, GB