Lincoln Antonio

Lincoln Antonio

New York, NY, US


The Brine

In the year 2006, the annual melting rate of mountain glaciers doubled, with the previous 1998 record being exceeded each successive year. Atmospheric warming due to climate change is a major contributor to this phenomenon, however it is also largely a result of mining activity, which accounts for 59.5% of exports in Chile. The damage caused by melt-water flooding is compounded when combined with traces of borax, a mineral released during the mining process. This causes immediate and often irreversible damage to both the local ecosystem as well as the surrounding farmland. In order to combat the externalities of a highly industrialized society, bordering one of the largest Andean glaciers(Aconcagua (6 962 m asl), it is necessary for active sustainable strategies to supersede passive ones. Only by bridging the gaps between environmental science, agricultural science, and genetics, can we utilize humanity’s influence on nature to produce a more resilient ecosystem.

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Status: School Project
Location: Atacama, CL