L.E. Howell

L.E. Howell

Brooklyn, NY, US


Yamaguchi Ryunn Live Work Space

A  20'x20'x20' box with a skylight was designed as a home away from home, studio, and gallery for renowned Japanese bamboo artist Yamaguchi Ryunn. The space was required to include all the necessary trappings of apartment living (i.e. kitchen, bathroom, living and sleeping quarters,) as well as space for the artist to work and to display the his work and host gallery openings.  As charred cedar is a building material often used in Japan, the desire to make the artist feel at  home became the inspiration for the charred cedar wall into which glass boxes were inset to display. the artist's work.  Additional display cases were mounted on the quartz stairs. The long low wooden table in the living room serves as a work surface as well as a traditional coffee table, and the artist sits on a tatami mat to do his work.  Bamboo poles that the artist can access for his work are stored upright near the front door and also serve as a dividers. Glass and wooden "Shoji" screens afford privacy in the bedroom as well as allowing light from the skylight to penetrate.

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Designer