Lacin Quluyev

Lacin Quluyev

Baku, AZ


Tokyo Apartment | cgi

Tokyo is known as a modern and great megapolis. The apartment is located in the Tokyo.İt is a big place and contains too many cities. Our apartment was optionally designed with modern style. The apartment is suitable for a single person or small family. Big windows make an advantage for enlightenment. Enlightenment is necessary for the interior.
Let’s start from the Livingroom, we make Kitchen, dinner table and Sitting side together in one place because it makes this place looks bigger and more open. We painted the ceiling and the windowed Wall with White colour and this makes more brighten the light that comes in. Colours and of types of furniture, obvious that the design is simple and modern style. The purpose of adding the leather selection is to show a little Classy to this simple and modern design. I use high-quality materials for the interior. For example, woods are Wenge Colour, marble, leather, natural stone, and golden materials. The continuation of the kitchen furniture along the wall made it even more useful. I use natural Stones behind the bed in the bedroom. Wardrobes are placed in the bedroom, and I did not use interruption. The bedroom has own bathroom. I designed the bathroom as simple and minimalistic. Generally, when we look at the interior, it is designed in a modern and slightly minimalist structure. İnterior colours palettes are made with pale colours. Pale green, pale red, pale blue and grey. I think we can also call it shadows of grey. Generally, I want to show the interior as lighted-up.

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Status: Built
Location: Tokyo, JP
My Role: 3D Visualization