Kyle Reich

Kyle Reich

Madison Heights, MI, US


United States Fallen Heroes Memorial

(In collaboration with Danny Travis)

The proposal utilizes symbolism in an attempt to understand the immensity of the loss of 10,000 fallen heroes. One plate per state/commonwealth, one column face per fallen soldier, and one major pathway for each war (the four United States wars since Desert Storm), the memorial is not an autonomous object, but rather a collection of its parts leading to a whole. Visitors to the memorial are immersed within a field of glowing, pulsing, and reflecting columns, experiencing not only the magnitude of the loss of 10,000 lives, but also drawn into a state of reflection. Reflecting and glowing in a way that begins to bring the inanimate to life, the columns induce a state of euphoric solitude. Likewise, the central skylight up the heart of the peak tends to distance visitors from their surroundings, allowing for a moment of quiet reflection in honor of the many who have fallen in the name of freedom.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Kennedale, TX, US