Kyle Reich

Kyle Reich

Madison Heights, MI, US


Adapted(^n) Reuse

St. Anna’s, a church originally built in 1316, has been modified and renovated for centuries. It was chosen as the site for a theater architecture competition seeking a  “performance space at the crossroads.”  However, being a church, it had the classical theater setup - a fixed audience viewing a fixed stage.
Being an ideas only competition, the project became an analog to the argument that something must give. Either the designed theater space is not progressive, or St. Anna’s, cherished local landmark, must be relinquished.
Assuming the latter is chosen, what happens when successive moves begin to alter the building in successively more drastic ways?
The resulting building has a patchwork quality. Each unique zone hosts scenes of a play which match their architectural ambience. The audience seamlessly moves between zones as the play progresses, rather than remaining stationary and watching the sets of a stage swap out for one another.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Prague, CZ