Kimmo Sahakangas

Kimmo Sahakangas

Torrance, CA, US


Rancho Mirage Civic Center / 1990-1991

This project earned a position as a  finalist in an international design competition. The arid Colorado Desert site features a gentle upward slope toward the Santa Rosa Mountains, home of native bighorn sheep, and offers an opportunity to arrange various functions to take advantage of views and site amenities. The composition organized around an imaginary desert riparian environment. A central "kiva" was contrived as open space to shelter visitors from the harsh summer sun and paved with decomposed granite. The council chamber exterior walls were sawtoothed, with a nod to architect Albert Frey and his design for the neighboring Palm Springs City Hall. Colors and building materials were coordinated to match native rock found on the desert site. During the second stage of the competition, Leidenfrost Horowitz & Associates contributed as an associate firm, with institutional project experience.

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Status: Competition Entry
My Role: Architect
Additional Credits: Partner - Michael Mathews