Kelly Kha

Kelly Kha

Los Angeles, CA, US




RILEY ARCHITECTS, Los Angeles, CA, US, Junior Designer

Jul 2014 - current

Cal Poly CAED, San Luis Obispo, Lab Monitor

Providing general help with computer operation (Windows & Mac OSX) and software features

Dec 2013 - Jun 2014

Carmen Trudell, Sandy Stannard, Robert Arens, San Luis Obispo, Instructional Student Assistant

Correct exams, homework assignments, and hold office hours for three courses: Introduction to Architecture and Environmental Design (EDES 101), Environmental Control Systems (ARCH 307), and Architectural Practice (ARCH 342)

Sep 2013 - Jun 2014

Christopher Yip + Don Choi, San Luis Obispo, Instructional Architectural Student Assistant

• Correcting and providing exams for the History of Architecture courses (ARCH 218, 218, & 219)
• Providing in-class assistance and technological support

Sep 2011 - Jun 2014

David Garcia Studio, Copenhagen, Denmark, Architectural Intern

Created exhibition materials for the installment of Ice Lab: New Architecture & Science in Anartica hosted in Glasgow, Scotland

Jan 2013 - May 2013


California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, San Luis Obispo, CA, US, BArch, Architecture

President of Global Architectural Brigades (Aug 2013 - Jun 2014)
• Coordinate the activities of the organization with other student members.
• Coordinate bi-monthly meetings, fundraisers, communications, etc. between student members and advisors in Nicaragua.
• Prepare information for volunteers before their trip to Honduras for Global Architecture Brigades.

Ambassador of College of Architectural and Environment Design (May 2011 - June 2014)
• Aid in Cal Poly’s CAED-sponsored events such as meetings, conferences, and college tours.
• Serve as consultants for the CAED student body.
• Represent the CAED for visiting alumni, industry representatives, and advisory council members.

Vice-President of Global Architectural Brigades (March 2012 - Aug 2012)
• Design and construct schools and health centers for communities
• Was a volunteer in June 2012
• Gaining real life experiences as volunteers with the opportunities to make an impact on communities

Sep 2009 - Jun 2014

Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS), Copenhagen, DK, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2012 - May 2013


Danish Institute for Study Abroad Scholarship, Scholarship


Danish Institute for Study Abroad Scholarship, Scholarship


College of Architecture and Environmental Design Dean's 3rd year, Nomination


Richard Lee Fisher Scholarship, Scholarship


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