Keelan Hanks

Keelan Hanks

Minneapolis, MN, US


Adapt - Arcology SkyScraper of Hong Kong

Hong Kong provides the premier setting for experimentation into arcology, where conditions of extreme densities, diverse economies, and preference for the vertical converge for this utopian vision.  In the vibrant city of Hong Kong, historic housing demands, the intense reliance on agricultural and industrial imports, and the fact that massive buildings devour 89% of all generated electricity, all point to the need for a new archetype of buildings and systems to be implemented.


There are two integral components to the success of an arcology; the Social Sustainability and the Environmental Sustainability. The coordination of these responsibilities gives the programming and structural design to the tower. Taking cues from successful urban neighborhoods, social sustainability is about the integration of residential, commercial, and business interests into a flexible and expandable community. Units, or “Vertical Neighborhoods,” are strategically composed to reflect the diversity of the traditional street, by providing all essential services within themselves, while leaving room for growth and development. Environmental sustainability is demonstrated through passive systems and the organization of technology. Industrial and agricultural processes are composed to complement each other by the flow of waste, water, energy and food. This arcology looks to internalize the processes of aquaculture, waste treatment, water treatment, and the concept of living directly with local crop production.
This is ambitious architecture, this is an arcology.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Hong Kong, HK
My Role: Designer, Vizualizer
Additional Credits: Partner - Kyle Beneventi