Kaan Sanalan

Kaan Sanalan

New York, NY, US


The Lausanne

The Site

The Lausanne Towers is a 31 story Condominium building built in 1977 with 166 units.  It is located on 45th Street, between 1st & 2nd Avenues, very close to the UN plaza & a 7 minute walk to Grand Central. The street is embedded with condominiums, local coffee shops and two embassy buildings.

Our Involvement with the Project

When we became involved with the project the unit was already purchased.  The new owner had a few ideas about what to do with the property, including putting it on the market for rent but it was not in great condition. After some deliberation and a thorough analysis of the building & neighborhood, it was abundantly clear that a renovation would significantly increase the collectable rent as well as provide instant equity on the apartment.  Also, the owner wished to eventually move into the property and therefore wanted it to be a welcoming home. We decided to go with a gut renovation except the kitchen which the owner chose to hold off on until a later date.  As our goal is to be a one-stop-shop our involvement included project management, design, marketing of the property & potentially brokerage in the future.  The owner loved the work we did so much he moved right in! 


The owner has a special eye for detail and was looking for a particular atmosphere.  He wanted something that felt cozy yet airy. There were some items that were integral to create this kind of a space: color scheme, lighting, layout & flow and integration of activities in a smooth & practical way (i.e. watching TV, dining, relaxing, hosting). Our goal was to add to the owner’s wishes by finding and exploiting the hidden potentials in the apartment and therefore enhancing the usability as well as creating intimate spaces.

Living Room & Bedroom

The living room & bedroom have large windows with views that needed to be highlighted. New, #redoak @miragefloors wood flooring was added that was beautiful yet durable and the contrast with the walls brightened the space. The popcorn ceiling was removed as well. A unique color scheme and @westelm @restorationhardware furniture as well as its placement was chosen to complement and enhance the #naturallight throughout the day as it is more prevalent in the mornings.  


#Ceramic tiles designed by #italian companies @diesel & @fiandre were used both on the walls and on the floor. On the walls the same tile with 2 different finishes, glaze & rock,  were used to create depth.  These tiles also complemented the flooring which is #Venato White Honed #Marble tile.  An elegant brass line, that complements the fixtures, indicates where the flooring ends and the walls begin. Wood ceramic tile accent was added to the wall tiles to create a pause in the pattern and to go along with the cherry wood vanity.  The fixtures are by @Brizo & @Delta in the color #champagne. The 39” height medicine cabinet & lighting with brass edges are from @RH.  The design was created to promote a sense of #calmness and well being. @marialavista


Lighting was one of the crucial parts of the project. It was important that it was not only practical but that each fixture was an art piece, an object to appreciate beyond its intended use.


All the photos & videos were done in-house.  

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Status: Built
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Project Manager as Owner's Rep, & Designer
Additional Credits: Fila Improvements Inc.

The Lausanne Towers- Renovation Project