Julia Libby

Julia Libby

New York, NY, US


United States Memorial in New Zealand

Finalist in collaboration with Oehme van Sweden Landscape Architects. 

New Zealand's National War Memorial Park conveys the fundamental message that The United States has become the leading guardian and protector of freedom and democracy at home and around the globe. 

Four Pillars with the Four Freedoms carved into stone stand guard; protecting a partially submerged globe at the center of the memorial. The globe features the pacific half of the earth with New Zealand on one side and the West Coast of the US on the other.

The memorial is intended to be a place of celebration and congregation since the United States and New Zealand have always been great allies. 

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Wellington, NZ
My Role: Junior Designer
Additional Credits: Friedrich St.Florian, FAIA, Sheila Brady of Oehme van Sweden