Juan Sebastian Gonzalez

Juan Sebastian Gonzalez

Bogotá, CO


Pictura Aqua: the picture over water

Pictura Aqua is an interdisciplinary proposal for the school of Architecture and the school of Visual arts at Javeriana University. It settles an urban scheme for an area at the locality of Tunjuelito and Ciudad Bolivar with a design development of an architectural project. The proposal consist in the design of an independent school that focus their studies in visual arts, taking as an emplacement strategy the recovery of the Tunjuelo river. The artistic development of the project its synthetized in a book that contains writing exercises in which it is conceptualized the poetic of the architectural project taking the Tunjuelo river as an starting point and its history as an inspiration. This book is the graphic and literary synthesis of the conceptual and esthetical explorations of the architectural project using the image and the text as elements of composition that give an overview of the conceptual and creative process in the esthetic and architecture of the building.

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Status: School Project
Location: Bogotá, CO
My Role: Designer