Josh Blumer

Josh Blumer

Santa Barbara, CA, US


Modern Cottage

Our client has lived in this neighborhood and small home for over 14 years.  When her husband passed away in 2007 she decided to carry on their dream of expanding their 900SF home into something that would support their family.  As this family dynamic has shifted, she has turned her sights on creating an expansion of her home that includes three generations of her family; her mother and father, her kids and herself.

Her goal is to transform her modest little 1920's cottage into a modern home that is consistent with her family’s long interest in modernism and modern art.  As a local Gallery owner and community supporter, she wants a home that reflects her own passion for modern art.  The client also desires an ecologically friendly home.

We are using post-consumer recycled refrigerant panels and passive heating and cooling concepts to create a home that provides a quality living environment.  A simple home with modern styling to support her artistic impulses and create a modest and comfortable living for her, her two children and her parents.

The design responds to the site, the views and to the tight constraints of the 5,000SF corner lot.  The solution concentrates on interior and exterior spaces that are functional without excess.  Keeping it small and providing adequate common space helps the family co-exist in rather tight quarters but with enough recluse to allow for privacy.

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Barbara, CA, US
My Role: Principal Architect
Additional Credits: Clay Aurell