Jorge Luis Arias

Jorge Luis Arias

Berlin, DE


Innomat Pavillion

The predominance of the orange corporative color became the principle goal for this Project. An exhibition for the well-known fair called EXPOCASA, developed the setting for Innomat Import Company to exhibit their construction products such as floor tiling. The idea involves a linear floor pattering arrangement in the ground, and a white catwalk for viewers to walk through and observe the company’s products.

On top of the room, the floors reflection is portrayed as an abstract composition from the rectangles. This idea was applied due to the overall sensations the viewers must intend to have throughout the catwalk route.

The entire structure was built with MDF wood and small steel structures to stiffen shape compositions. Indirect lighting is positioned under the catwalk to highlight the products, and also to highlight itself.    

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Status: Built
Location: Santa Cruz, BO
My Role: Project Architect