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Black, Female, Asian/Pacific Islander, LGBTQIA+, Veteran owned

Brooklyn, NY


Product Research Library

  • Depth in product range. We try to aggregate information for ALL available products within a product division (eg. windows, doors)
  • We worked with the top spec writers in NYC and created our own database structures, to organize information from different manufacturer’s websites into one comprehensive database
  • Designers are able to compare products apple-to-apples instantly on Acelab
  • Information on a typical product page is not in big text blocks, but rather highly structured (every page has the same format)
  • All downloadable assets from the manufacturer can be found in one place (CAD, BIM, 3rd-party certifications, HPD and EPD reports)
  • Designers can use RepConnect on Acelab to directly reach out to a sales rep from a manufacturer through the platform to request additional product information, lead times and price quotes
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Status: Unbuilt