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Role Objective

Art Makers works with established artists to activate the production of sculpture for temporary public exhibition, gallery shows and art fairs. We engage and support the artists through concept generation, design development and fabrication. See more at 

We are seeking a Senior Designer/Project Manager, responsible for developing creative solutions that meet the client’s creative intent and considers constructability and budget requirements.  The role will require an ability to work with a diverse range of materiality and manufacturing and fabrication methodologies while drawing on mainstream engineering principles and practices. Key deliverables include ensure that projects are delivered within budget, on time, and meet the vision and quality expected by the client.

Duties and Responsibilities


  • Design sculptures and other installations from the concept  design phase through fabrication documentation and installation support
  • Create technical drawings for shop build and/or subcontractor fabrication based on designer drawings, layouts, and other visual aids
  •  Design and engineer custom solutions to challenging engineering problems to meet specific requirements of diverse project-based applications
  • Draft detailed assembly/installation drawings for use by professional installers/contractors
  • Select and order appropriate materials for design
  • Understanding the underlying physics of complex problems
  • Understand capabilities of machining and fabrication via the UAP shop and subcontractors
  • Communicate with client creative and supervisory staff during the design and construction phases of the project
  • Provide details to procurement department to aid in part and vendor selection
  •  Help monitor quality control
  • Eye for design aesthetic
  • Build library of knowledge of previous designs
  • Communicate project deliverables, work plan, schedule milestones and budgets to the design team at the commencement of the design phase. 
  • Facilitate technical design reviews with the design and production teams to develop a proposed methodology that is efficient and achievable within our work plan 
  • Facilitate engineering and other consultant contracting and coordination as necessary to meet the project requirements
  • Meet regularly with the design team and consultants to review project progress and ensure project goals are met
  • Meet regularly with artist and client teams to coordinate work and achieve necessary design approvals
  • Communicate staffing requests to management to schedule Designer support on projects


  • Research and order materials and hardware required to execute the construction of designed units
  • Actively communicate with construction team and participate in the commissioning of units designed
  • Communicate project deliverables, work plan, schedule milestones and budgeted hours to the production team
  • Interface with necessary suppliers and subcontractors to outline a project delivery strategy and to coordinate production of the projects
  • Liaise with fabrication teams to ensure fabrication specifications are communicated and achieved
  • Oversee the fabrication process to ensure the finished product meets quality standards and project specific requirements 


  • Develop and maintain a project delivery schedule for internal and external project coordination
  • Document and communicate the work plan and any changes made throughout the duration of the project
  • Ensure schedule milestones are clearly communicated to relevant parties, and facilitate work necessary achieve milestones


  • Review project contract documents to fully understand the contract terms, scope, and deliverables
  • Ensure all contractual terms and obligations of projects are maintained and the projects’ cost requirements are met
  • Contract vendors and consultants in compliance with Art Makers contracting standards, and with consideration of project risk mitigation
  • Work closely to ensure material and vendor costs align with budget expectations
  • Request multiple proposals to ensure competitive pricing from vendors and consultants
  • Track project budget and revenue forecast, as well as project risks and opportunities, and report on these to Art Makers finance and management teams


  • Represent Art Makers to the Client team and project stakeholders, and escalate client or project concerns to management at appropriate times
  • Meet with artist and client teams to gain an understanding of the project vision and client goals
  • Maintain communication with the client team and provide regular production reports and schedule updates
  • Manage risk by communicating material performance and maintenance expectations to project stakeholders, allowing for informed material decisions that consider maintenance requirements
  • Communicate scope variations and develop proposals for additional scopes and services

Job Qualifications

  •     Microsoft Office – Word, Excel, Project (scheduling software)
  •     Adobe Creative Suite
  •     Bachelor’s degree or above in technical design, engineering,   and/or equivalent experience
  •     Minimum three years of relevant experience in drafting/design/fabrication
  •     Rhino
  •     SolidWorks or Autodesk Inventor, and AutoCAD
  •     Solid knowledge of various fabrication/installation
  •     Sound knowledge of mechanical design and problem-solving ability
  •     Able to work under pressure and with minimum supervision
  •     Excellent team player
  •     Strong work ethic and focus on delivery
  •     Appreciate and interest in art and design 


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