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The Akeena Group is a woman owned, full service firm, licensed both in Architecture and General Contracting. We are rapidly growing with the vision of creating a collective group of designers and builders here on the Central Coast.  We are looking for talented, creative and entrepreneurial Architects and Builders who are highly motivated to create their own body of work.  Here at the Akeena Group, you will have the opportunity to design and build your projects in an integrated and collaborative environment, supported by a professional office and business staff.  This team offers you and your projects an overlay framework of people, support tools and a business foundation structured to allow you, as the Architect, to focus on nurturing your clients and immersing yourself in the creative process. 

Some of the attributes we are looking for in our team members that underscore success in our collaborative environment include:

  • the capability to comprehend the importance of the big picture, (scheduling a project from initial design to final inspection) as well as value of detail (designing the connection, specifying the material, knowing how a trade will manage that application, and understanding the life cycle and maintenance of what you have designed)
  • strong organizational skills along with a high degree of understanding of construction documentation and code compliance
  • the ability to work positively and collaboratively with excellent communication, both verbal and written, toward everyone on the team, as well as the extended support staff
  • a passion to be out in the field and intimately involved in the construction aspects of your projects
  • an ability to adapt to changing priorities, adjusting deadlines, and embracing the fluidity of construction management
  • a proficiency in Revit and/or AutoCad with a thorough understanding of construction documentation and detailing
  • an understanding and knowledge of building codes, ADA compliance and submittal practices.

While we think it’s helpful to have at least 4 to 6 years of professional experience in design development and construction documentation, as well as an overall understanding of a project’s entire process, we also acknowledge that the desire and passion to do this type of work is valuable so we invite you to respond regardless of your level of expertise.  Whether you are a seasoned Architect looking for a change in the pace of your work, or a young Architect beginning your career, come on over and give us a look!  Just know, it isn’t necessary to be a licensed Architect to join our firm, as much as it is necessary to think like one. 

We encourage Architects who are independent, driven, and creative to contact us.  We’d love to make that connection even if it’s just to get to know each other.  It’s great to meet like-minded professionals as it only adds to our purpose. 

If you are interested in exploring a fit, we will need a few things from you to get the process started. In order to create that first connection, please call us!  Yes, that is right, we want to hear your voice and have the opportunity to discuss your experience and specific skills, along with your goals and direction.  Once we’ve connected, we may ask you to send some of the following documents:

  • A cover letter giving your personal background and why this position is an opportunity to meet or exceed your professional goals, along with what you feel you will bring to the company and its collective concept. 
  • A resume with descriptions of past employment history and education.
  • Construction drawing samples of completed projects and an explanation of your role in each project
  • Examples of presentation drawing styles, construction details, design details, etc. along with any other skills that will help your development as a professional.

As a small business, we do not offer company sponsored health insurance or other benefits at this time, but we are in the process of adopting new, relevant benefits as our professional team develops and our business grows.  

The Akeena Group is a company that embraces diversity in race, age, gender and thought.  We strongly encourage community involvement and personal growth.  By embracing innovation, systems and professional development, we all stand to benefit as a team and as a company. 

Our Guiding Values:

  • Create a fun, positive experience throughout the project
  • Everyone on the team deserves respect
  • Deliver exceptional customer service
  • Be open to change and new techniques
  • Be grateful for the job, the team, the client and the vendors
  • Transparency through communication and relationship
  • Interact with others on a deeper level, get involved with their passions
  • Be empathic
  • Know what we do affects others emotionally, physically and energetically
  • Be Remarkable Everyday

We are looking for someone special who not only has the experience but has the desire to be part of this collective.  While experience and skills are important, even more valuable to us is embracing similar philosophies and fitting into our desired culture.  This is what will create a better team, a better environment and ultimately, a better project. If this concept appeals to you, please call Laura at 805-846-6241 ext 3.  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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