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Located in the Greenwood neighborhood in Sunset park, our 2 stories building, built in 1924, went through a significant restoration since It was acquired in October 2016. It is a very special place well suited for our endeavors. Below grade, we installed a machine shop to manufacture parts for our company that designs, engineers, manufactures and assembles all our systems under one roof. The ground floor or first floor, looking directly onto the street, is made of our offices, our assembly stations and the showroom. The second floor is an apartment with a rear terrace.

The building was in serious need of tlc with damaged walls and beams, buried windows and floors patched together with a variety of different materials over the years.  It took us almost a year to restore it to the point where the whole space could become usable again. In the cellar, we embarked on a complete underpinning job to make below ground a full floor with direct sunlight coming from an opening between the 2 floors, one we added by taking out damaged beams in the front.

I am looking to expand the building footprint by expending in the rear and going up one floor above current height. The new structure would be independent but yet should feel as a natural extension of the current structure, one that would be cantilevered in part over the existing building. This annex to the building would be used for many purposes. 

1- A showroom / exhibit room for our equipment that can also be used as a screening room / edit room

2- A mezzanine for offices

3- Living space and additional bedroom with outdoor / indoor kitchen.

4- Side access to the rear structure that would allow for a completely separate entrance

5- if possible, an extension of the basement

Time is of the essence in this project. I want to be able to start the initial phase of the heavy work this winter when some of the crew members I worked with are less busy and more open to get work completed at a lower cost.

I hope to create an annex that would complement and enhance the current one by designing a uniquely modern combination of spaces, intimately connected to one another and to the main building. This project will be particularly suited for an Architect who is open to a collaborative effort, who likes old and new Architecture, who is able to visualize multiple uses within a limited space while exploring techniques and materials that would blend seamlessly with a neighborhood rich in its glorious industrial past where clusters of massive industry complexes, define a landscape made of industrial, commercial and residential buildings. An important aspect of the project should be also dedicated to deflect some of the rumble from near by thoroughfare without sacrificing open spaces both in the terrace area and the roof, which offers view to the city and the surroundings. A green roof component as well as a comprehensive energy saving approach to the design are an integral part of the project.  

The building is located at 138 30th street in Brooklyn. Some of the work done can be seen on the website :

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