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Reports to:
Studio Lead and Principals (and may work under Sr. PM for overall conceptual direction)

Project Team                          
The Project Manager s responsible for planning, coordinating and administering a major project or several small projects through all phases of development.  Structures and manages the project team to ensure proper office operation and project management flow for projects.  Establishes budgets and prepares schedules.  Oversees design development and production of working drawings and construction documents on a given project.  Has authority to direct, control and monitor most project activities.
Duties and responsibilities:
Assists during promotional phase as required.
Participates in Marketing the Firm
Develops and maintains the trust and confidence of clients.
Seeks follow-up business for each project.
Makes formal presentations to firm management and clients.
Keeps the team informed of project and client leads.
Defines the Scope of Project(s)
Assists in organization of project in cooperation with the Project Principal.
Prepares estimated manpower requirements, schedules, and other pertinent data.
Is fully aware of the client’s objectives and the firm’s goals.
Works with Project Principal to develop Project Proposals
Is involved in negotiations and contracting with owners and consultants. 
Assists in preparation of fee proposals.
May conduct fee negotiations in cooperation with Studio Lead.
May assist in the preparation of contractual agreements.
Has Primary Contact with the Client
Develops and maintains trust and confidence of the client.
Is authorized to speak for the firm in dealing with the client.
Obtains timely approvals and decisions from the client that allows the project to flow smoothly and efficiently through the office.
Alerts Project Principal to changes in scope, lack of information or decisions from the client that affect schedule or production costs.
Negotiates or assists in negotiations with clients to account for changes.
Analyzes Project for its Scope and organizes the work on the project
Determines the skills required and other team members for the project.
Develops integrated tasks to accomplish individual projects.
Participates in the selection of project team members.
Schedules the project, using project schedule forms and timelines.
Periodically Review ongoing Projects
Monitors the progress of the project to determine the percentage of completion versus money spent for each phase of the project.
Checks for conformance to schedule, construction cost, and profit plan.
Reports to the Project Principal on a specific schedule, mutually established.
Prepares progress reports for job status meetings.
Is responsible for completing the project on time and within budget, and for identifying and charging for extra services.
Addresses Quality of Project
With Project Principal, establishes a level of understanding among project team with respect to quality.
Assists in the preparation of “in-house” standards.
Plans and Evaluates Staffing requirements for each Project
Assigns project personnel to specific responsibilities or tasks.
Sees that project team’s time meets utilization goals.
Coordinates and monitors the technical efforts of all project members.
Provides planning direction and supervision in all aspects of the project to all members of project team.
Weekly Staffing, plus 3 Month Staffing input
Supervises Project Staff
Approves project staff time records.
Completes employee project evaluation forms for project team members.
Performs senior staff development duties such as mentoring, training, supervising and directing junior staff, as directed.
Responsible for coordinating and/or producing all Project Reports, Plans, Specifications and Working Documents, and Coordination with Contractors and Consultants
Receives all incoming project information and disseminates it to an in-house project team and outside consultants for production.
Deals with, monitors and coordinates all contractors and consultants.
Closes Out Projects
Prepares history data, including cost analyzes, specific features and problem feedback for future jobs.
Turns all documents over to administrative staff for entry into the firm’s files, including project information, accounting information, and original construction documents.
Is responsible for Project Profitability
Produces the project at a cost which results in the planned profit.
Reviews charges to ensure appropriateness and prompt payment.
Participates in collection activities.
Meets the Firms % utilization requirements.
Outside organizations
Participates in Professional Organizations
Participates in Management and Knowledge Groups, as assigned
Degree in Interior Design or Architecture from accredited University.
Substantial experience in Project Management including management of at least one major project from conception to completion – definition of the project, development of tasks to accomplish the project, coordination and monitoring of work, delivering the project on time and within budget.
License/Professional Certifications
CID, ASID, LEED AP preferred State Architectural or comparable license, or certification required.
The company may sponsor State of California Project Management Licensing if applicable.
Knowledge Expectations
Fee proposals/budgets: can develop proposals, prepare project budgets analyze and provide input to project reports.
Contracts: knowledge of client and consultant contracting and negotiation techniques, contract conditions and contract review processes.
Planning, staffing, and scheduling: can define project scope and outline tasks manpower and timeframes required to accomplish.
Work plans: the ability to coordinate project reports and related documentation and graphics.
Codes: knowledge of codes, materials, costs, techniques and sustainable practices.
Computers: Must have the ability to utilize computers as a tool to effectively manage projects.  Proficiency in AutoCAD and the MS Office suite
Office policies/production standards: awareness of office standards, policies, and procedures, principles, and techniques of personnel supervision and management.
Liability and ethics: understanding of legal aspects of the profession, including liability in construction and professional ethics.
Performance Expectations
Responsible to the client and firm for the successful execution of a project within budget and man-hour and schedules, and in accordance with the firm’s policies and standards of practice and all applicable professional standards and technical procedures and controls.  Manages a project in a manner that ensures quality control and adherence to company standards.  Is fully aware of client objectives and satisfies goals within the scope of the project and the firm’s standards.


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