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Job Description:

This role is an exciting two part technical/design-development role that will consist of (1) designing Carvart product standards and managing the technical data and design matrix and (2) designing custom project solutions for Carvart based on non-typical applications of standard Carvart products. The first several months will consist of designing and generating drawing/technical standards with a clear check-list of deliverables as well as opportunity for design intervention in how the technical department is organized. This will serve as in-depth training leading up to the custom design solutions role that will follow.

Focus will be on technical drawings, generation of 2D and 3D standards using AutoCAD 2017, Revit and other graphic software and excel-based programs. The product design engineer will work closely with the Director of Engineering to generate design standards and custom construction solutions. The structure of this role aims to train an expert technical designer with intricate knowledge of Carvart glass and metal products that will directly enable and train for the custom design solutions role.

Characteristics required:

This role will require the candidate to be design-oriented and organized. They will need to think on their feet and be able to brain-storm/design, resolve with custom solutions and execute engineered drawings and details.

Skills Required/Recommended:

The candidate needs to have strong technical, drafting and design skills. The primary software expertise required will be AutoCAD, Excel, Illustrator and Revit. Hand-sketching and design visualization is a plus and construction knowledge and shop-drawing generation will greatly benefit the candidate.

Examples of tasks/roles:

-Design development of custom glass and metal/hardware solutions

-Draft standard details (modify current offering if needed)

-Prepare CAD details for templates and use in fabrication

-Create Revit families for Carvart product line

-Write 3-Part Specs for all products

-Update and manage Carvart Product Matrix (drawings, CAD details, 3-Part Specs, release components, install docs and limit sheets)

-Create Installation documents/sequence drawings

-Generate limits sheet for each product (data to be given to candidate, requirements include formatting and design layout)

-Update AutoCAD drawing templates

-Generate construction notes/typical drawings standards

Minimum/Equivalent Requirements/Experience:

-Undergrad in architecture, drafting, or construction (or similar)

-Experience with shop drawings is a plus

Growth/Career Path:

This is a new role at Carvart and is the basis of the Technical Solutions department with huge opportunity for growth and career advancement. The department is currently structured with four advancement tiers starting with this role. Clear success factors and direction will be outlined in the interview, compensation and bonus structure is competitive in NY area and based on experience with the above-outlined roles and description and successful completion of the deliverables with quarterly reviews.

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