Architect for Hi-Profile Cryonics Biotech Research Park (Timeship Project)

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Architect - for Hi-Profile Biotech Research Park (The Timeship Project)

The Stasis Foundation / Stephen Valentine Architect is seeking qualified senior and junior / intermediate architects for a 650 acre parcel for the development of a biotechnology research park in Comfort, Texas. This position will be located at the site-studio in Comfort, TX. Please refer to the website, The range of duties varies, but could include some or all of the following:

  1. Design & construction for a new research building for the fabricating & testing of cryonics capsule storage assemblies.
  2. Conduct Site Analysis &  Requirements,
  3. Physical Model Building
  4. Space Planning Studies.
  5. Infrastructure & Buildings to be renovated or designed
  6. Materials Research
  7. Construction Documents
  8. Construction / Renovation Supervision
  9. Writing Reports
  10. Overlook Wind Turbine Testing for suitability.

The ideal candidate will possess a Bachelor's or Master's Degree in Architecture preferred from a USA school.  Candidates must have an exceptional sense of art of design, architecture & science. Experience with exceptional model building, graphic design, 3D modeling, and presentations are a plus. Additional infrastructure design development and construction documents skills would be required. Results will be part of a traveling exhibit.

  • This position initially will be a full-time contract consulting position which may eventually lead to full-time employment.
  • Candidate must be committed.  This is not a 9-5 job. E-mail resume with attached samples, but must have "DETAILED" letter of interest. The website is: There is a book about the project titled: TIMESHIP [The Architecture of Immortality] 2009.

The Stasis Foundation Biotechnology Research Park (Stasis Research Park) will be a world-class biotech facility located in Comfort, (near San Antonio), Texas.
There are two parts to the primary mission to the Stasis Research Park: biotech research and the cryostorage of biological materials. The design and development of cooling systems and devices for the cryopreservation & cryostorage of human organs for transplantation purposes , materials to support fertility; tissue for regenerative medicine; DNA, including the DNA of near extinct species; whole mammalian organisms including humans after legal death for whom all medical procedures have failed.

The Stasis Research Park is owned and managed by the Stasis Foundation, a federally tax exempt 501(c)(3) not-for-profit charitable corporation that conducts health and medical research.

Salary: Commensurate with experience (includes initial modest housing at the design studio). Please send resume, salary requirements, and your availability to start. Any portfolio submissions should be (10 page max) in a single file with resume and of no more than 10 MB in size.

Interviews will be held in either Manhattan (NYC) or San Antonio, TX Please send via email.

You must include the following supporting materials in your application.

  • Letter of interest
  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • 3-References (professional)

Interviews will held in Manhattan (NYC) and in Comfort, TX
Please send via email ( You must include the following.

  • Letter of interest
  • Resume
  • Portfolio
  • 3-References (professional)

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