Jean-François Schmit Architectes

Jean-François Schmit Architectes

Paris, FR



Located halfway between the Place Stalingrad and the Pailleron swimming pool, at first sight this small housing development incorporating a twenty-cradle crèche on the ground floor resembles the other buildings on the street. The architectural style plays on the codes of the so-called "Parisian working class" architecture, an architectless style of architecture encountered in the old working-class neighborhoods of Paris. The building therefore has a Parisian-style white, float-finish rendered facade devoid of ornamentation, punctuated only by its vertical windows, which are taller than they are wide. Intentionally mimetic, the volume integrates seamlessly into the topography of the street.
It is through the interplay of materials and proportions that Jean-François Schmit superimposes on this working-class architecture a register emanating from "sophisticated" architecture. The polished, porphyry-colored precast concrete base and the capping of the building are clad with carefully detailed wood-phenolic resin composite panels, more akin to joinery items than masonry. The rendered portion of the facade constitutes a large surface on which the openings were arranged methodically, taking into account rules of spacing and proximity, preserving the effect of the white surface: a balance somewhat reminiscent of the Looshaus built in Vienna by Adolf Loos in 1911. The apartment windows looking onto the street are fitted with shutters and are distinguished by the generous size of their sills projecting from the surface of the facade. The role of this ornamentation is to preserve the cleanliness of the render. The shutters – an element dispensed with in Parisian construction in the 1960s – and the use of render and of dry-assembled panels reflect the consideration of eco-friendly materials and construction, environmental aspects examined in conjunction with the Tribu firm of consulting engineers.

Date:  2007

Client: Semidep

Surface: 885 m2

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Status: Built
Location: rue Bouret à Paris 19e, France
Additional Credits: Partners:
Ingénierie Studio (BET TCE)
Tribu (BE environnemental)

Project managers:
Jane Cadot avec Jean-Luc Dupanloup