Jeremy Iannucci

Jeremy Iannucci

New York, NY, US


Judd Intervention: NOVROS

The prompt for this project was to design a small space for a guest within the Judd Foundation building located at the corner of Spring and Mercer in the cast iron district.

I chose to focus on the large flex space in the second floor of the building that Donald Judd, the designer of the structures renovation, designated for hosting guests. In this space there is a large fresco by David Novros that Judd commissioned specifically for his home with the idea of "capturing the feel of this space." This is the only artwork on display in the Judd building that is part of the structure. I used this work to define a regulatory grid and establish proportions on which my final design is based.

The final design includes an area for sleeping, eating, and working, as well as a small communal space to talk with company.

For this project, i chose to experiment with a more conceptual method of design involving artistic analysis and adapting that space to fit the program as opposed to a strictly functional design. 

Through this project, I realized the importance of relaying back to your concept with every design based decision as well as the careful consideration of the sites surrounding during the design process. 

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Status: School Project
Location: New York, NY, US
My Role: Designer