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The Volcanoes Discovery Centre of La Garrotxa: The Epicentre

This Master studio project was conceived in the city of Olot, Spain, within RCR Arquitectes’ Espai Barberi, through an intensive workshop over the course of 7 weeks of 2015. 

The city of Olot, also known as the city of volcanoes of the La Garrotxa region, devotes its territory to the knowledge and communication of the volcanic experience through a new cultural epicenter; the new Volcanoes Discovery Centre, at the foot of the Montsacopa volcano. As a design intention, the project’s starting point was derived from studying the area’s volcanic geomorphic formation: The natural phenomenon and bizarre field of geometric columns that formed over time from the rapid cooling of the volcanoes’ lava flow.

Interpreting this natural process as a three-dimensional monolithic foundation became rationalised as architectural elements of solid and void, posing a design arrangement of two very different, yet relatable floor plans, of above, (A) and below, (B) the volcanoes natural topography. Manifesting as a series of solid masses and subterranean chambers derived from an over-scaled architectural grid, this project strives to poetically reference the geological forces that shaped its landscape. What emerges over time however, is an adapted morphology of its own. Perhaps something that exceeds our preconceived ideas with nature.

This project was selected and exhibited by RCR Arquitectes in the Palau Robert Gallery, Barcelona

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Status: School Project
Location: Olot, ES