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The New Cyprus Archaeology Museum, Nicosia

International Competition 

“What is most human about man is his history” - Foucault

Looking at the past in order to find what led to what we are today is archaeology. An Archaeological museum packages our heritage to a logical and emotional dissemination as a narrative of the past.
As Cyprus was the host of many diverse civilisations and served as the melting pot of influences, so its museum becomes a social catalyst for the creation of future culture.

Our proposition for the new Cyprus Archaeology Museum involved working across opposite ends of the world. One team at the University of Western Australia, under the supervision of Dr. Nigel Westbrook while the other team located in the office of Kalliope Kontozoglou architects
in Athens. Communication across both teams was fragmented and in turn, facilitated in a fragmented design process that in many aspects, led towards an advantageous outcome.

It is therefore no without surprise that our museum does not project a single image or meaning. Rather, it conveys it’s meaning through riddles from enigmatic objects that can be discovered in it’s hulking form, inviting the visitor to solve them.

As the visitor moves through a sequence of narrative landscapes, our museum weaves the city panorama into the museum’s spaces, in its exhibitions and social forums as a meaningful synthesis.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Nicosia, CY
Additional Credits: Felix Joensson, Kaliophe Kontozoglou Architects and Dr. Nigel Westbrook