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Reconstructing the Great Byzantine Palace of Constantinople

My ongoing interest in the ancient world has provided me the opportunity to assist Dr. Nigel Westbrook’s PhD at the University of Western Australia in reconstructing the Great Byzantine Palace of Constantinople.

By utilising digital modelling tools, a level of accuracy is obtained from forensically extracting evidence from existing architectural drawings and textual descriptions. 

The detailed surveys carried out by Ernst Mamboury and Theodor Wiegand during the 1900’s has provided us enough information to virtually reconstruct the Great Palace of Byzantine in Constantinople.

Currently, this project documents the the Great Palace in a set of 2D architectural drawings showing what remained of the ruined palace at the time when Mamboury and Wiegand surveyed the area. Extracting other textual descriptions we have proposed some vital connections, establishing new parts of the palace that furthers Mamboury’s and Wiegand’s efforts. 

Tragically there is not much left of the palace today. Personally, I see this project as a poignant reminder of the gradual destruction and removal of certain ancient monuments, wrought from catastrophic forces throughout the course of time. 

Therefore, the ability to historically record them utilising forensic methodologies in conjunction with digital drawing techniques, we can virtually reconstruct of what we know of their setting to exist as a historic record and within the canon of architecture of great moments. 

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Istanbul, TR
My Role: Research assistant
Additional Credits: Dr. Nigel Westbrook, Professor, School of Design, University of Western Australia