New York, NY, US


New Facility for the Billion Oyster Project, Governors Island, NYC

The shared mission of the Billion Oyster Project (BOP) and the New York Harbor School to restore one billion live oysters into the Harbor by 2030 comes with a healthy relationship between New Yorkers and their harbor in restoring water quality and biodiversity.

Currently operating out of a small and dilapidated building on Governor’s Island, the need for expanding BOP’s operation to achieve its mission statement while rousing greater education and publicity, needs a much larger and more sophisticated facility to grow into.

This project sets a proposal for BOP’s relocation and occupancy of the historic Building 25 on Governors Island, NY. Building 25 serves not only as a gateway for visitors to Governors Island’s Harbor, but also sets a technological achievement in building technology. Our main design concept was to create a new wrapper around the historic structure that enables the building to operate as a living organism.

The idea that a building can operate as an organism is summarised in the following points:

 Generates - electricity and power through passive and active technologies.

 Breathes - through passive and mechanical ventilation, keeping oxygen levels high.

 Circulates - water and heat through the installation of algae bioreactor panels.

My role was assisting in the research, modelling, drawing and visualising a design proposal package for a new oyster production and educational facility for Billion Oyster Project, Governors Island, NYC. Unfortunately, the project was dropped by BOP due to a downfall in funds to proceed with any of the project’s future development.

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Status: Unbuilt
Location: Governors Island New York
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Dameron Architecture PLLC