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New Children's Library and Great Hall Renovation Trinity School, NY

The historic and prestige New York School, Trinity is located in the upper west side and has recently undergone an extensive renovation and addition. Outside of this major upgrade for the school, MBB was commissioned to gut out and design a new library to replace the existing one and to renovate the school’s Great Hall inside the historic building.

The existing library lives in where once the meeting hall was for the boy’s school. Looking back on some photos, MBB proposed to reinstate the historic skylight, which is now concreted over and to reconfigure a new library for Kindergarten, Lower and Middle School. Within in these 3 zones, we proposed new custom steps of seating and reading areas tucked within the structural grid for each school, each one custom to the growing size of the child for each school.

Overcoming design challenges with acoustic separation during class schedules and adjacencies, new book utilisation, obtaining sight lines and flexible furniture placement, our new library is also flexible to expand to house large events. This is achieved with moveable book shelves that can be ‘docked’ into the custom millwork shelving bays towards the perimeter which some also serve as large buffets.

I was brought in on this project during its initialisation and have been assisting the project manager in the project’s administration, field checks, drawing and design. This set is the Schematic Design package that Trinity will review for pricing and confirm the scope for the Design Development phase.

This project marks my first experience in working in a contractual project in New York, gaining a little project administration and professional experience.

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Status: Under Construction
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: MBB Architects