New York, NY, US


Hampden Road hub

This project investigates the potential of how a carefully designed building can contribute towards achieving an attractive, viable and adaptable mix of commercial uses whilst providing greater housing choices. 

The site is located at the university end of Hampden Road, identified as a mixed use precinct. Acknowledging the growing demand for student housing close to university campus grounds while at the same time anticipating the city’s future plans to develop the precinct towards a larger built scale, the projects position plays a vital role in the future development of the area. 

To strengthen and defend Hampden Roads ‘Urban Village’ identity that responds to the small-scale character of place, new developments must be adaptive in fore-fronting new public places and providing social connections back onto the street.

Keeping these points in mind, the projects site is exploited by pushing the potentials of the corner to achieve a two fold pragmatic approach. Whilst satisfying student housing programme, this project also carefully intertwines other commercial uses into its tight parameters to rouse social interaction along with functional sustainability. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Perth, AU