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ExcursionsWA - Living Urban Landscapes

Through a series of curated 'excursions' of the Perth metropolitan area, this website aims to reveal the historical context in which the architectural objects and cultural landscapes of this city have emerged. 

Structured as narratives, these excursions identify and describe intersections between buildings, sites and settings in relation to local themes and histories. Each excursion is shaped to wander through these histories and therefore do not forefront building type, period or author. 

Rather they utilise a series of thematic filters that encourage the tourists (walkers, riders, passengers, drivers) to be actively immersed in the broader contextin which a building or place has developed. 

It is hoped that this will be of interest to not only architects, designers, planners, researchers and students, but to anyone compelled to learn the stories of our evolving city.

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Status: Under Construction
Location: Perth, AU
My Role: Research Assistant
Additional Credits: University of Western Australia, School of Design
Professor Dr. Kate Hislop
Excursion Team - room1.06