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Cyprus Archaeology Museum

My time working with the School of Design at UWA provided opportunities to be involved with some architectural competitions at varying scope and scales. Under the supervision of Dr. Nigel Westbrook, of UWA and Kalliope Kontozoglou, Architect and educator in Athens, we formulated a design proposal for a new Archaeological Museum in Cyprus. 

An Archaeological museum packages our heritage into a logical and emotional narrative of the past. As Cyprus was the host of many diverse civilizations and served as the melting pot of influences, its museum becomes a social catalyst for the creation of future culture. Our proposal for the new Cyprus Archaeology Museum does not project a single image or meaning.  Rather, it conveys its meaning through riddles from enigmatic objects that can be discovered in its hulking form, inviting the visitor to solve them. The visitor is invited to traverse through a sequence of narrative landscapes and nested social forums, to solve riddles posed by its antiquities that reveal the history of the city and Country. Like the archaic sphinx, its ‘head’ is skewed this time towards the ancient hen­decagon-walled city of Nicosia; an extension of the Museum’s collection. From this view, the city’s panorama is revealed to the visitor as an extension of the museum’s exhibition spaces, weaved together as a meaningful synthesis.

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Status: Competition Entry
Location: Nicosia, CY
My Role: Designer
Additional Credits: Dr Nigel Westbrook, Felix Joensson, Daniel Juan Martin