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Archipelago of Autonomy

Independent Project by Design 2016-2017

This is a radical project that envisions a mythical city through the fragmentation of infrastructure that collectively resurrects the civic realm.

The industrial district of Welshpool, (Perth, WA) currently consists as a patchwork of urban conditions with a periphery of working class suburbs and is subject to the imminent pressure of urban densification.

As receding industry is muscled out due to a changing economical climate, an industrial archipelago becomes a playing field for reformation and adaption of new uses.

One of the primary drivers for this project manifested in preserving the monumentality of the grain manufacturing plants. Here, the memory of the industrial city is brought into focus with inventive uses of in-fill development. Three old monuments set out the markers of a quasi triangular field, defining the boundaries of a future post-industrial city. 

Severed by a new monumental green-terraformed wall, an augmented ground of an oneiric island emerges. From within the massive walls where architectural anonymity is established, the original idea of the Garden is reinvented and interpreted. Seen as a Heterotopian nucleus within the archipelago, a paradise island for the Dionysian festival is finally established.

This surreal world speculates in the freedom to exist in a new, yet familiar city where leisure, living and work overlap and merge, while allowing multiple cultures to flourish. Personifying the projects title, the post industrial city is an ‘Archipelago of Autonomy.’ 

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Status: School Project
Location: Welshpool, AU
My Role: Independent Project by Design 2016-2017

An Archipelago of Automony, Framework for a Post-industrial City, Welshpool, WA.