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A Kerameikos Roadside Picnic

This project is a joint venture between myself and fellow student Felix Joensson, undertaken during the Athenian winter of 2016-2017.

Overwhelmed by our given site, a colossal urban void between the ancient
cemetery of Kerameikos and the old gasworks of the Gazi district, we set out to
collect a series of urban fragment scenarios encompassing the area in order to
generate a multi-layered understanding from the two areas and beyond.
Representing and surveying them through a filmic encyclopaedia, what
manifested over the course of seven weeks, was the fantastical architectural
project titled ‘A Roadside Picnic.’

Tying the two neighbourhoods together by constructing a series of gateways
and urban connectors, our Roadside Picnic remains a fanciful and epic project,
ambitiously filling the great urban void that currently separates Kerameikos
from the Gazi district in Athens. One can either remain sure-footed on the solid
foundations in the sun-soaked world of the new Kerameikos or spiral into the
labyrinthine glimmering spectacle of the Gazi underworld.

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Status: School Project
Location: Athens, GR
Additional Credits: Felix Joensson