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A Kerameikos Roadside Picnic

Set in between the archaeological cemetery in Kerameikos and the old gas works precinct of Gazi is a large public void, known to many as ‘the square that never was.’  Overwhelmed by the given site, we set out to collect a series of urban fragment scenarios encompassing the area, representing and surveying them in the medium of a filmic encyclopedia. Our encyclopaedia highlighted the indifferent nature of the site as a void. But when we compiled them as a series of scenario images of oppositions, (the everyday, the ancient and the emergent) we saw new ways of considering these circumstances as a new set of possibilities for the site. Attempting to stitch the two neighbourhoods together we sought to construct a pot-pourri of urban interventions in there.

Our new world fills and transgresses the great void, (literally above and below the ground.)  Reinterpreted here in our Roadside Picnic, the ‘pilgrim’ (both tourist and local) can either remain sure-footed in the sun-soaked world of the new Kerameikos, traversing a series of parkways, markets and ancient relics, or take the plunge and descent into a labyrinthine glimmering spectacle of the Gazi underworld where we choose to augment the Eros, transgressing the current nightlife scene. Like the stark contrast of the modern highway and the ancient relic, these juxtapositions generate spectacular images of time and memory that signify contemporary life. Kerameikos is this field. A meadow to pick fresh flowers. 

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Status: School Project
Location: Athens, GR
Additional Credits: Felix Joensson