Jamie Straz

Jamie Straz

Miami Beach, FL, US


K'hal Ahavas Torah

K’hal Ahavas Torah is a small orthodox congregation in Miami Beach, Florida. They recently outgrew their old Synagogue of 900 square feet. They decided for the next couple of years to rent and found an 1,750 square foot space in a 3rd story of an office building. The program was to include a main worship room for men and women, kids room, and a kitchen. A few challenges arose:


CHALLENGE: Being on the 3rd floor of an office building the space had a lot of North windows and focus was being lost out of them. SOLUTION: Designed an East Accent Wall to focus worshipers attention East while provide an opportunity for art

CHALLENGE: The main worship room had to be used for various events. The typical design of a stationary Mechitzah would limit this. SOLUTION: A custom designed Mechitzah on wheels that can be moved depending on the function. A one way mirrored glass to allow women to feel like they are part of an open room.


CHALLENGE: A kids room can be messy and loud. SOLUTION: Put in carpet tiles to help dampen the sound while allowing a greater ease to clean. If one carpet tile gets damaged all they have to do is replace that one tile instead of a traditional carpet where you would have to cut out the piece or replace the entire carpeting.

CHALLENGE: Old kitchen had a lack of storage, they buy items in bulk. SOLUTION: Provided stainless steel counter tops and open shelving. This way they can stack boxes easily while at the same time prepare for large catered events and allow easy cleanup.

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Status: Built
Location: Miami Beach, FL, US
Additional Credits: Photos by Paul Stoppi