Jakub Galczynski

Jakub Galczynski

Jackson, WY, US



Team: E/Ye Design – Nona Yehia, Abigail Filanowski, & Jakub Galczynski

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Stio is a clothing company that was founded to inspire connection with the outdoors through beautiful, functional products infused with the soul of mountain lifestyle.

The Stio Store is located in the “Town Square” of Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

The design required segregation from an existing store that shares the building. The Stio Store emphasizes a modern sensibility, which reflects the quality of fabric used by Stio, yet is grounded by materiality to reconnect with traditional aesthetics.

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Status: Built
Location: Jackson, WY, US
My Role: Design iterations and client presentations. Developed construction drawing details.
Additional Credits: E/Ye Design - Nona Yehia and Abigail Filanowski