Jake Hawkes

Jake Hawkes

Brooklyn, NY, US



I am a seasoned furniture designer. I specialized in upholstered seating but appreciate not being pigeon-holed there. I have also worked as a project manager for construction and environmental remediation. Early in my career I was a project engineer for a medical equipment company that specialized in prefabbed medical gas and electrical equipment for hospital rooms. I worked my way up to R&D Manager there and began working with Industrial Design firms. I left that job to pursue a grad degree in ID.

I am looking for an Industrial Design or Design Management position in the furniture market.



EMTEQUE LLC, New York, NY, New York, NY, US, Project Manager

Project Manager for environmental consulting firm. Clients include major New York City realty groups and developers, federal, state and city agencies.
• Managed construction projects. Prepared proposals, contracts and managed subcontractors.
• Surveyed properties for asbestos, air and water quality, mold, and soil contamination.
• Managed crews on construction, abatement and remediation projects.
• Conducted and prepared reports for Phase I and Phase II Subsurface Investigations.
• Produced reports and filings with various regulatory agencies including OER, DEP, DEC.
• New York State Asbestos Inspectors license, LIRR and AMTRAK safety trained.

Oct 2008 - Jun 2012

Dauphin North America, Boonton, NJ, US, Furniture Designer

Design Manager for North American division of top German manufacturer of ergonomic office chairs.
• Responsible for all creative aspects of new product design and custom product design for the North American Market.
• Produced conceptual sketches, built prototypes, created shop and assembly drawings using AutoCAD and Solidworks software, solicited quotes, selected and established relationships with suppliers, wrote marketing copy.
• Responsible for all technical aspects for entire product line including quality control, testing and compliance, warranty issues. Wrote product specifications.
• Conceived, designed and developed five new furniture lines from concept through production.
• Travelled extensively to Asia and Europe for meetings with suppliers and at corporate headquarters in Germany.

Aug 1996 - Jan 2008

Fairfield Medical Products, Tampa, FL, US, R&D Manager

R&D Manager for manufacturer of prefabricated medical gas and electrical distribution systems (headwall systems) for hospitals in Tampa, FL and Stamford, CT.
• Managed all new product development and redesign projects.
• Wrote design briefs, managed outside design consultants, sourced new vendors.
• Redesigned core product line along with an industrial design consultant.
• Responsible for several product innovations which resulted in a successful new product launch and increased sales.
• Managed a staff of four engineers and two CAD operators.
• Responsible for overall management of all projects to ensure timely and accurate completion.
• Responsible for all regulatory compliance including: UL, CSA, NFPA, OSHPD (California), BSA (NYC), and all other state and city regulatory agencies.
• Responsibilities included: proposal, submittal and shop drawings, creating bills of materials, installation drawings and instructions, supervision of installations. Communicated daily with dealers, customers, architects and contractors both by phone and in person. Implemented first AutoCAD workstation in 1987.

Aug 1987 - Aug 1994


Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY, US, Masters, Industrial Design

Sep 1994 - May 1998

Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY, US, Bachelors, mechanical engineering

Mechanical Engineering curriculum. Electives in Art, Art History and Psychology.

Sep 1982 - Dec 1986