Jad Chami

Jad Chami

Cary, NC, US



My name is Jad Chami, I am Lebanese by origin but spent my entire childhood and early adulthood in Nigeria. For the past five years I have been pursuing an undergraduate degree in Ohio, at Kent State University; where I have gained a deep appreciation for the practice of Architecture. While growing up in Nigeria, I was not surrounded by many architectural marvels. Instead, I was surrounded by the natural world.  I was inspired by nature’s majesty and the human response to it. My time at Kent State helped mold my natural artistic inclination and helped me channel it towards architectural design.

My interest in architecture began to develop as I started to travel out of Nigeria. I would visit Beirut during the summers and would marvel at the large and beautiful buildings around me. My fascination only grew as I embarked on my undergraduate education at Kent State University. I took advantage of study abroad opportunities while at Kent State and furthered my exposure to the world of structures and buildings. Some places I visited left a huge mark on my view of Architecture including Florence, Italy and the Netherlands. I learned a lot about myself and about my chosen career through these experiences. I found that whenever a design grabbed my attention, I attempted to learn what the Architect was thinking and to understand what they were trying to achieve in their design. As I looked into the specific details of the structure, I began to gain in-depth understanding of it and began to appreciate the architect and admire or criticize their work.  Another thing I learned about myself during my studies abroad is my love for sustainability. I have always loved nature, since my childhood in Nigeria; but it was during my studies of architecture that I came to truly understand the importance of finding a balance between human creation and the natural world. My time in the Netherlands was eye opening in this respect; it really caught my attention how the architecture there is very environmentally conscious and focused on sustainability; but yet still functional and practical.

Upon returning to finish my final semester at Kent State, I furthered my pursuit for sustainable architecture by taking a Digital Fabrication class and learned how to incorporate new technologies with architecture. I believe that it is through technology that we will be able to minimize the human footprint in the future.  I also took an interest in 3D printing so enrolled in a class that focused on the revolutionary technology. Apart from that, I invested in my own 3D printer. This purchase enabled me to experiment with different aspects of 3D printing and allowed me to endeavor on my own personal research and in ways to combine 3D printing and Architecture.  It was fascinating to see how others were incorporating the two mediums and I hope to one day leave my own mark in this cutting edge innovative world.

Finally it is important to mention that while my love for Architecture comes from a creative and innovative side of me, I also have a more practical and pragmatic side. As I was coming to the close of my undergraduate career, I felt like there was still another part of architecture worth learning about: the way it is implemented. For this purpose, I added a minor in Construction Management in order to gain a deeper insight on how these stunning works of art are created.  It was interesting to learn architecture from the vantage point of people who experience a buildings creation from a management point of view. This experience helped me further broaden my view and understanding of architecture because it gave a look into the other side of the field.

I believe that Architecture is the human way of adapting to the harsh yet beautiful planet that surrounds us. Now, more than ever, it is the job of the architect to maintain a high standard of quality while also ensuring a sustainable future for our planet. My pursuit of a master’s degree in architecture is driven by my desire to develop into the finest creator of spaces I can become; a merger between the material and the natural. The foundation that I will gain working in the field will equip me with the tools that are needed to prepare myself for a career in this ever-changing and ever adapting world of Architecture. Through my academic experience, I have found the freedom to create a bridge between my imagination and the world we live in. I strive for a career that brings my imagination to life while also achieving a high quality of life for others. 



Kent State University, University Facilities Management, Kent, Ohio, Maintenance Technician

I managed work orders and provided maintenance to the dorms on campus

Jun 2014 - Aug 2014

Eagle Construction Nig. Ltd., Jos, Nigeria, Intern Architect

I assisted in the architectural design of an apartment complex under the guidance of a Licensed Architect.
I was able to use my organizational skills to manage construction schedules and supervise various projects.

Jun 2013 - Aug 2013


Kent State University, Kent, OH, US, Construction Management

Aug 2015 - Dec 2016

Kent State University, Kent, Ohio, BArch, Architecture

Aug 2011 - May 2016

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