Inge Weber

Inge Weber

Pretoria, ZA



A South African born designer, gradutate in Interior Architecture and an art lover.

"I believe that designers are the dilemma doctors of our society.Practitioners of aesthetic well-being, who respond to society's needs in a creative and artistic way .A free thinker, an ideas generator, re-interpreting of what is suppose to be the norm.Sometimes this re-interpretation can shock, at times make you laugh and often it is an experimental disaster, yet at its core, it remains a challenge to create.

I feel that Design in itself, is not a selfish activity and shares its gifts amongst a variety of disciplines- whether it be culinary arts, drama, writing , visual story telling or architectural design. However ,it is more than just a mere nine to five job ,it is a way of life .A life I am passionate about and born to grapple with. I am Inge,yes, I design for life."



Design School of Southern Africa, Pretoria, Lecturer

Apr 2013 - current


Leeds Metropolitan University, Leeds UK, Bachelors, BA(Hons )Interior Architecture and Design

Graduated with a first class honours

Sep 2009 - Jun 2012

Areas of Specialization